This is where your dog needs to be!!!! ❤️❤️🐶🐾🦴

 Michelle and her staff are so great, and I can’t say enough good things about her and Leasure K9 Academy. Michelle is so knowledgeable with over 32 years of experience in training dogs!!!She and her staff are knowledgeable, professional, enthusiastic, and friendly. 


Our 5year old  Alaskan Malamute dog, Jimi, had developed some serious obedience issues that needed some major attention!! He unfortunately had become super dominant over the years (our fault, but also the fault of other handlers at other daycares in Denver that were not trainers, but people who just handled dogs for their activities of daily living while there. As a result, he became more and more dominant and was allowed to get away with too much and had become very potentially dangerous.)

 To make this long story short, he had the potential to bite or hurt someone if they didn’t know how to handle his dominant personality……so, he needed immediate intervention. We enrolled him into her board and train program. Michelle, Derrick and Gabby were amazing!!!! Michelle included both my husband and I in this entire process and helped to “train” us, so that we could be better pet parents. Jimi is doing so much better and it’s totally because of Michelle and her staff and all their hard work. Jimi has adapted well and is happy to please us with his new boundaries and commands. We have continued with her core principles and will follow up with group classes. Jimi has made tremendous strives, and we would recommend Leasure K-9 academy to all dog owners. If you have a puppy, bring him/her HERE!!!! If you have a dog with obedience issues, there is no place better than here. 

 Her K9 Ranch is immaculate and organized with amazingly supportive and complimentary staff. She even accommodated our raw food that we feed to our dogs, so that was a plus! We have been to different daycares/boarding for both of our dogs all over the front range. This is by far the best place!!!! I am in no way related or never knew Michelle before this experience, so no kick backs for me…my husband and I are just so happy with this entire experience. I am forever grateful for Michelle and for all that she and her staff has done for us.❤️

If you love your dog and want him/her in the best hands, this is your place and look no further!!!! 

Sincerely, KDK

Taking Theodore to Leasure Ranch K9 Academy was a game changer! He went into training being a rambunctious pup, with separation anxiety and came back a month later as a true gentleman.

Theodore and I both love Michelle and boarding with her!


Alondra Acevedo

I brought Luna to Michelle at Leasure Ranch K9 Academy last year around August 11, 2021. We dropped Luna off to board and train with Michelle and staff, while I dealt with a new move to Denver and my husband going through heart surgery. 

Luna stayed with Michelle for close to 3 weeks. It was the first time I had ever left her with anyone, however you came highly recommended by Luna’s brother Teddy. 

I felt very comfortable with Michelle from the moment I met her. I thought the indoor/outdoor boarding facility was great and I knew that Luna would be safe in their care.

Of course, talking to you and seeing pictures of Luna while I was taking care of my husband was invaluable to me and to him. 

I knew it wasn’t always easy to get pictures or videos of her, but the fact that Michelle always got back to me with any questions or concerns I had always made me feel at ease. 

We’re planning on bringing Luna back to Leasure Ranch on March 17th to April 6th for boarding and some training. Knowing she will be in your care will make leaving her a lot less stressful. I never like leaving Luna, but I know it’s also important to have some away time for all of us. She needs to have more playtime and be around other dogs so it’s a win, win situation for all of us. 

This is one of my favorite pictures that was sent me while she was at  Leasure Ranch. I think her smile says it all!

Looking forward to seeing you soon, Thank you,

 Lauren, Bert and Luna Solomon

 I can not say enough great things about Michelle Abel. 

Wrigley went to Leasure Ranch K9 Academy for a 2 week board and train and came back a different (better!) dog. 

For those of you that follow him on instagram (tails+_from_wrigleyville), you know what a (very cute) pita he can be. 

Because of Michelle’s training he’s going to test for his canine good citizen next week-the first step to him becoming a therapy dog.

So, if you’ve got a pup that could use some help, please consider Michelle Abel at Leasure Ranch K9 Academy!!!

Rebecca Callahan

I met Michelle when I was lost on what to do with my pandemic puppy. Sherlock was suffering from severe separation anxiety, hindering his quality of life. After reaching out to Leasure Ranch K9 Academy, I enrolled him in their 4-week board and train program. When he came home, not only had Michelle given the tools he needed, but she also trained me on how to help him and continue his progress. As a result, he is doing much better when I’m away and learned many valuable skills for various situations. 

I would highly recommend Michelle and her program for anyone that owns a dog. It has been a fantastic experience working with them.

Thank you, 

Natalie Constancio

What can I say about Leasure Ranch K9 Academy? Nothing but good things. My St. Bernard Roxy just turned three years old. She was a Covid dog with little socialization. She became extremely stranger aggressive within the last year and got to the point where she would not listen to any simple commands. She was nipping at friends she had been around before when they came to the house, and even nipped at my 11 year old nephew. At that time, we had to make the decision to either get rid of her or to give her another chance. That is when I came across Leasure Ranch. I did my research and decided to meet with Michelle. Our meeting went well. Michelle helped me understand that Roxy is not an aggressive dog and was acting out of fear. We decided that Roxy would benefit most from a four week board and train program. Upon completion of the program, Roxy had learned all of her basic commands and hand signals. When I picked up Roxy from training, Michelle took the time to go through each command with me and gave me guidance on how to continue training Roxy at home. The day after Roxy came home, we were able to walk with my daughter to school, and she did amazing. She listened, She did not pull and she behaved in a way that I now want to take her everywhere. We took her to my sons football game and again she did very well. She did become anxious when there were kids around, but she let complete strangers pet her. She still needs a lot of work and she is not perfect but with the training she has received, I know that she will continue to progress into a dog that I can trust around anyone. I am excited to be able to take her camping and to baseball and football games. I am so impressed at the quick turnaround in Roxy’s behavior that our other dog will be starting training with Michelle and her team soon.
The Post Family Byers, Colorado.

BoomerOur dog Boomer is a 1 year old German Shorthaired Pointer. As background information we are not experienced dog owners and purchased him after much research on the breed. They are very active, smart and love to be with their humans. As expected for a hunting breed they have a high prey drive and are independent and very curious, strong and have high stamina. He attended basic obedience when he was little but eventually developed bad habits due to our inexperience, such as pulling on a leash, jumping on people and basically doing what he wanted.We found Michelle at the recommendation of a neighbor who has 2 perfectly trained Golden labs that she trained. We also appreciated the board and train option as we would rather have a professional do it.Just before he was set to begin, he developed a giardia infection and started treatment. Although he was improving Michelle was very helpful and understanding, as we were heading out of town. She took him anyway and administered his medication and special diet.We dropped him off at her very large facility which has individual kennels and a large outdoor area (it’s a ranch).We met all the staff who were very professional and kind.A month later we met with Michelle, and she went over all the commands Boomer had learned and how we should continue his home training.We are very pleased with the results. The difference is like night and day. He is able to walk on a leash as we wanted, and he knows all the commands. He doesn’t do everything perfectly each time, but he has made fantastic progress and Michelle has given us the tools to continue to train him on an ongoing basis.The difference is quite noticeable, to the extent that several neighbors have asked how we did it (it seems like many in our neighborhood have similar problems)We highly recommend Michelle and her team. We are well on our way to enjoying Boomer for many years to come due to Michelle’s expertise, kindness and help.R Gonzalez

I think that rather than simply describing the capabilities of Michelle and her team, illustrating my personal experience instead would better serve those considering working with them.

About two months ago, I adopted my dog, Jade. I didn’t have much information about Jade, but I was told by the adoption agency that since she was found in Texas, Jade had been sheltered, fostered, and eventually ended up at Leasure Ranch. By the time I came to meet her, she had already been with Michelle and her team for several months.

I was initially worried that a dog so “well traveled”, let’s say, would be shy, skittish and reserved. It was to my great surprise when Jade and I first met that she was, in fact, quite the opposite. I was greeted by a dog that was excited, warm, welcoming, and extremely affectionate; needless to say, I immediately fell in love (although truthfully, my mind was already made up). Michelle wasn’t there on that particular day, but her team was very kind and supportive, and talked me through all of my questions and concerns. I was shown a few demonstrations of what Jade had been learning, and Michelle’s team gave me useful insight about what to expect regarding Jade’s personality, quirks and mannerisms. With all the information provided, and seeing how caring and attentive the people at Leasure Ranch were, I was immediately relieved of all of the nervous “what ifs” floating around my mind prior to meeting my dog. I am very fortunate to have adopted her from a place that was so nurturing, and Jade is even more fortunate to have had them caring for her before I came into the picture. I would later find out that when Jade first arrived at Leasure Ranch, she was everything I initially expected her to be— skittish, scared, and confused— but with the help of Michelle and her team, she was rehabilitated into the dog that I fell in love with. When we were getting ready to leave, everyone at the ranch was almost more excited than I was that Jade had finally found a home.

Around a month and a half had gone by, and Jade was settling in beautifully. Now that she was more comfortable and we had gotten to know one another, I decided it was time to go back to Leasure Ranch for her free training session (which they graciously offer for dogs adopted from their facility). This time, rather than hypothetical questions and “what ifs”, I came prepared with concrete questions about how to address certain aspects of Jade’s training and behavior. Ready to fire off everything I could think of, I was introduced to Michelle— for the remainder of our visit, I did not have to ask anything. To say that Michelle is competent would be an understatement; not only does she have more than my lifetime’s worth of experience, but she is professional, understanding, focused, and dedicated. Every question I had was addressed in our conversation, only Michelle was the one that brought them up before I could even ask. We began with a full walkthrough and demonstration of Jade’s training: I was speechless. Jade didn’t just know “a few” commands, she knew every command I could think of and some that I didn’t even know existed. After seeing the extent of Jade’s training in action, it was clear to me that the training going forward was not for Jade, but for me. For the rest of the visit, Michelle and I discussed just that. She taught me about her training philosophy, and walked me through all the ways I could implement it at home. Michelle’s approach isn’t rooted in gimmicks or trends, but in a deep and hard-earned understanding of the way dogs learn, think and operate.

In a world so saturated with ambiguously qualified professionals whose levels of competence and experience are often indiscernible, it is a relief to know I have someone like Michelle to turn to when I need guidance. I will definitely be going back to Michelle as Jade and I continue to grow and adapt to each other, and I think that anyone considering training or adoption would be doing themselves a great disservice by overlooking Leasure Ranch K9.

Thank you Michelle for all that you have done for Buster and our family. Since you trained him through the 4 week board & train, as a puppy (even though it was hard to give him up) he has continued to be obedient, calm and is still following all his commands. Many of our friends and neighbors recommended you and we are so glad we made the priceless decision to move forward with your training. What a difference you made on him as well as us. You are Very experienced at what you do.

Beyond grateful, The Blaustein Family

I have worked with Michelle as a dog trainer for many years. She is a dedicated professional, with both the dog and owner in mind, when training. Her method of training is gentle but firm, we know who the leader is at the end of the session, the owner. I recently boarded my dogs at Leasure Ranch K9 Academy, and what a wonderful experience. Lots of open space, room to exercise and exceptionally well managed. I would highly recommend Michelle, Leasure Ranch K9 Academy, for both training and boarding at her facility.

Dr. Jerri Paulison

Michelle came highly recommended to us by our veterinarian about 14 years ago. We had the great honor of having Michelle come to our home for in-home training for our puppy Sammie. She was able to give us applicable tips and wonderful ideas on how to parent our first puppy. Fast forward to last spring, we got our new puppy Moses! Moses boarded at Michelle’s Leasure Ranch K9 Academy, and it was an amazing success! When we brought Moses to Michelle he had a barking issue-he was about 14 weeks old. Whenever he was put in a kennel he would bark. Michelle patiently took care of that bad habit, and gave great ground rules and wonderful obedience. He does not bark at all in his kennel. I would like to say we have done a stellar job keeping up all that Michelle instilled in him, unfortunately we’ve slipped on a few things. We should probably have him go back and board for another week or two! Hand-down I would recommend Michelle the best training and boarding facility!!

Annie Schneid

Nova one of our gluten detection dogs!


Our family cannot express how truly grateful we are for Michelle and her expert training at Leasure Ranch K9 Academy! Michelle raised and trained Nova, a Western Show Line German Shepard, as a gluten detection service animal.  Thankfully, we heard about Michelle and Nova and connected with them to see if this might be the solution our family was hoping for – as our son was previously diagnosed with Celiac disease which had a big impact on his health and social well-being.

The level of professionalism and dedication showcased in Nova’s training has been nothing short of remarkable. Nova is not just a pet; she’s a friendly, very well-behaved, and wonderful companion and service dog who plays a vital role in ensuring our son’s well-being. The specialized training given by Michelle has equipped Nova with the skills to detect gluten in food and personal products. Nova does her important work for Ayden expertly in many settings, at home, grocery stores, restaurants, potlucks, everywhere! She has been instrumental in preventing Ayden from consuming gluten unknowingly, thus significantly improving Ayden’s and our family’s quality of life.

Michelle molded Nova to be both a loving pet and a professional service dog. Her training managed to balance the rigorous training required for a gluten detection service dog while ensuring Nova’s playful, loyal and friendly nature remains intact.

Michelle’s expertise, professionalism, and genuine care for Nova have transformed her into a reliable companion and service dog for Ayden. Nova’s training as a gluten detection service dog has not only increased Ayden’s safety and independence but has also really brought peace of mind to our family. We highly recommend Michelle at Leasure Ranch K9 Academy to anyone seeking a professional, well-trained gluten detection service dog for their loved ones.


Jamie Powell, James O’Mara & Ayden O’Mara