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Service Dog Spotlight:   Brooke & Harlow


My name is Brooke and I’ve had Celiac Disease for over 20 years. While I’ve had a lot of experience and support managing my gluten-free diet, there have always been occasional accidents. No matter how careful I was, getting “glutened” while eating out or buying products from a store felt unavoidable… and then I discovered gluten detection service dogs and Leasure Ranch K9 Academy.

I originally saw Leasure Ranch’s TikTok about Rocco – another gluten detection service dog. I immediately called up my mother (who also has Celiac) in shock.
Who knew dogs could do that?! I called Michelle to find out more and after several conversations, ended up falling in love with Harlow.

Harlow is a smart and beautiful Australian Shepherd mix that Michelle trained in gluten detection. She has a wonderful temperament and has blended seamlessly with my lifestyle. Even though it’s only been a month, she has come with me to work, clothing stores, restaurants, grocery stores, and Disneyland – twice! She is constantly complimented on her skillset and behavior, which is truly a testament to Michelle and her staff.

In addition to training Harlow, Michelle made it a priority to teach me in how best to continue her gluten detection and service dog training after I brought her home. Together we check foods multiple times a week. She’s even found some items that were labelled gluten-free but were not!

I really couldn’t be happier with the life I’m building with Harlow, and I’m so excited to share her gift with the gluten-free community as well. We’re on Instagram and TikTok (where she already has over 13K followers!)

We’ve started a series called “Let’s Get This Bread” where we test out products at stores and restaurants and see if they’re gluten-free, according to Harlow. After only a short time, we’re getting sent gluten-free products to test, being asked for interviews, and even getting invited to local Girl Scout troops to talk to young Celiacs! It’s obvious that the gluten detection service training that Michelle’s team provides fills a niche within this community.

I can’t thank Michelle and Leasure Ranch enough for giving me such an intelligent and lovely dog. Our adventure is only beginning and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Brooke & Harlow

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SEE harlow in action

here’s a snapshot of harlow’s journey as a gluten detection service dog.