The Story of Leasure Ranch K9 Academy and Resort & Michelle Abel – lead trainer and owner

I have been training dogs now for over 30 years. I am very passionate about helping others to create the very best family pet for each and every dog I train. In the past 30+ years I have trained private sessions, in-home sessions, boarding & training programs and owned a kennel for over 10 years.

I have been a dog lover for as long as I can remember and have always had a special bond with animals since I was very little. I grew up not only with always having at least one dog, I also went to gymkhanas riding my horse competing in barrels, poles, flags, etc. That environment was a great place to discover the amazing bond between animals and humans. Working with horses taught me the importance of being in control of an animal. Earning full respect from a dog to create the perfect bond is the number one key to a happy home for any dog owner. Dogs, like horses, can pick up on every emotion we experience.

I have a pack of five dogs, which consists of three German Shepherds, a Miniature American Shepherd (Mini-Aussie), and a toy poodle. All my dogs are a part of the family and go everywhere with us. They are gentle giants and very dog friendly. After training for so many years I have fallen more in love with the German Shepherd breed because of the undeniable loyalty and intelligence they present.

In the past 13 years I have taken care of my father, who sadly was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia. He was the most amazing man a daughter could ask for. During his battle with this horrible disease I was able to witness how having dogs around was very calming and therapeutic to my father. I enjoy working with others to create the same therapeutic bond. Sadly my father lost his fight to Covid, and no longer has to battle this horrific disease.

I am also a single parent to an amazing 18 year old daughter. My daughter has an incredible work ethic and is very hard working at academics and sports. She is very passionate about softball, which she plays at the competitive level, with dreams to play in college. We spend many hours on the softball field, enjoying every minute. My daughter and my dogs are my family and we pack around together everywhere. I would love to help teach you to create the same bond with your furry friend to create lifelong memories.

Celebrating the Life of Jeff Nations

I started a new chapter with a very dear friend and 28 year client, Jeff Nations. Jeff and I worked together, trained his dogs, and becAme great friends. We both started our own businesses back in 1994. Jeff owned Aspen Baking Company and I purchased the west location of American School of Dog Training.

IN May 2021 Jeff and I became business partners and opened Leasure Ranch K9 Academy. sadly, in August 26, 2021, Jeff Nations lost his battle to cancer at the age of 51. Jeff left behind two girls, ages 5 and 12. These girls were Jeff’s whole life. The dream of Leasure Ranch K9 Academy will definitely live on through hard work and perseverance. Jeff will be always looking down with a smile and a wink of approval for many years to come.

Come join our family and community at Leasure Ranch