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We offer baths, Blow dry, and nail Trims. Bring home a fresh smelling dog, Today!



Our boarding kennels are 4ft x 14ft in size and have indoor and outdoor runs. All dogs are provided with their own kuranda beds, metal water buckets and blankets (owners may bring their own)

Boarding & Training

All of our training programs include 16 basic obedience commands, (name, sit, sit/stay, down, down/stay, up, heel, come, swing/return, inside/outside, load/unload, stop, place, leave it, off, go place), behavioral issues, and most importantly, respect issues.

Dog Owner Reviews

I highly recommend and trust Michelle for all things dog-related. Seeing the way she works and communicates with dogs is a lesson in itself!

A coworker referred us to Michelle after we adopted a four month old puppy, Eezie. Working with Michelle really helped us understand pack mentality and work more effectively with Eezie and our older dog Molly. We found her training method and insight EXTREMELY helpful, particularly with Eezie who is a very pack oriented dog. 

She guided us in choosing the right addition to our pack when we decided we wanted another puppy, Jodi. With her help we created a happy, respectful, loving pack. Over the years we checked back in to reinforce our training delivery, understand new behaviors, and work on new goals. 

Michelle thank you for patience, care, and knowledge. 

Sincerely, Jamie, Jay, Eezie, & Jodi


I have worked with Michelle as a dog trainer for many years. She is a dedicated professional, with both the dog and owner in mind, when training. Her method of training is gentle but firm, we know who the leader is at the end of the session, the owner. 

I recently boarded my dogs at Leasure Ranch K9 Academy, and what a wonderful experience. Lots of open space, room to exercise and exceptionally well managed. 

I would highly recommend Michelle, Leasure Ranch K9 Academy, for both training and boarding at her facility. 


Dr. Jerri Paulison

I met Michelle in the fall of 2018, and worked with her into the spring of 2019 in training my yearling Rascal, a red-heeler mix. From the moment I met Michelle I was thoroughly impressed with her lifetime background knowledge, and expertise in all things canine 

Simply put Michelle knows dogs-dog behavior, dog mentality, dog training, and much more. From the star Rascal, who is very independent, promptly deferred to Michelle…a demo station of the respect that he and canines have for her. 

Michelle was a delight to work with, beyond training sessions, and has been great about complementary advice on the phone now and then. 

I am very grateful to Michelle, and eagerly give her a 5-star rating for all things canine and exciting endeavors at Leasure Ranch K9 Academy, in Byers. 


Mark Smith, Lakewood, Co. 

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