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Wolf Pack Theory 

Over the past thirty plus years I have used many different methods of training dogs. Through each technique I have eliminated and added all the best methods to train the well rounded family pet. 

Dogs are packing animals, descendants of the wolf. Although we have domesticated the family pet, their brains still function the same as the wolf. There is a very distinct pecking order with any pack animal. Your dog must learn where it belongs in the pecking order of your household. 

Our philosophy is to teach every owner the psychology behind how a dog’s brain functions. We must learn to think like a dog instead of expecting them to think like a human. 

Dogs thrive for structure to always understand acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Without structure every dog lives a life of frustration. Frustration causes behavioral issues. Total understanding makes for a happy dog and happy home. 

Through our training program you will learn to have positive reinforcements along with the full understanding on how to earn complete respect from your dog. 

Through these training methods we strive to reach off leash training. We will address all behavioral issues, socialization, distraction work (group classes), and respect issues to reach this goal for every owner. 



All of our training programs include 16 basic obedience commands, (name, sit, sit/stay, down, down/stay, up, heel, come, swing/return, inside/outside, load/unload, stop, place, leave it, off, go place), behavioral issues, and most importantly, respect issues.



2wk Board and train

2 weeks:  $3,000- This program includes 14 days of boarding, basic obedience, 2-3 hour send home class, 1 additional follow-up session and lifetime group sessions.

4wk board and train

4 weeks: $4,000-This program includes 30 days of boarding, basic obedience, 2-3 hour send home class, 2 additional follow-up sessions and lifetime group sessions.

Service dog Training
Prices varies according to each clients needs

All Services

45$ Boarding fee
  $15 on top of boarding fee
$5 per day (walk or commingling with other dogs)
$25 per day (staying with us during opening hours of any given day)
$25 per dog (we offer the option for your dog to go home fresh and clean. Price may vary depending on the dog
$2-$5 ( Does not include pill pockets; Must provide if needed)
Session $100 A hour
Obedience $200 Distance training, Tricks, Etc
  Sessions $250 Lifetime group sessions (after evaluation basic obedience)

Session/Program $600 6-8 wk Program + Lifetime Group Sessions
All pricing for training is based on an evaulation of the dog. Cost is subject to change with any behavioral issues eg: aggression issues
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